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rules and regulations

The Distinguished Design Awards will be strictly adhering to a set of rules and regulations while shortlisting awardees. These include:

The Distinguished Design Awards 2017 will take place on (date) 2017 at (time). The entries should be submitted on the (website) by (date), (time). Any entry sent after the above-mentioned day and date will be disqualified.

There are no restrictions for the number of participants. Anyone is open to participate. The participants can be design experts, students and inventors from universities, design workshops, studios, businesses, and research labs from all over the world.

The entries can be presented in any form and should be in (type of resolution), (format), (video or audio files)

The presented work should be devoid of content that can be harmful, inappropriate, threatening, harassing, vulgar or violent towards an another individual or organization.

The submitted work should be devoid of viruses, corrupt content, malignant files and codes that can be harmful to the contest website.

Decision of the jury is final and will not be revoked under any circumstances unless deemed unnatural by Rocheston, post investigation.

DDA reserves the right to declare more than one organization or individual as the winner in each category.

DDA’s proprietary evaluation process will not be disclosed to participants on any condition. Nevertheless, the process overview and trails can be revealed on request.

DDA accepts no liability for any loss which results from the disclosure of information concerning an applicant, though all reasonable precautions will be taken to maintain secrecy.

DDA will not take responsibility to return the documents or supplementary materials that are submitted with an entry.

DDA reserves the right to alter the Award Scheme, at any given time.

Participants shall not, under any circumstance, discuss their scope of work, eligibility criteria and invite details with a third party without prior consent of DDA.

Absence at the Distinguished Design Awards 2017 must be confirmed within 50 days prior to the event. Any intimation with less than 30 days to the event will lead to a penalty where the applicant will have to pay 50% of the principle fee.