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application process

To apply for the Distinguished Design Awards, participants need to register on the DDA website and furnish details of the firm they represent. The applicant firm has to clearly state the design category in which they are applying to. A thorough background check of the firm will be carried out by Rocheston to understand the philosophy and vision of the applicant firm so as to get more clarity on their designed products. Once, these initial procedures are completed, a representative from the Distinguished Design Awards will be allocated to the firm, who will stay in touch with the applicant and take the application procedure further.

evaluation process

There are two phases of the Evaluation Process:

1. Blind Sampling: It is used for the collection of the firm’s data and aims to compare the standards of the design with industry leaders in similar sector.

2. Algorithmic computation: It is a process which is supplied with all the available data to churn out a score. If the score is above the standards of Distinguished Design awards then the particular firm gets awarded.