design standards

The Distinguished Design Awards will award designs in the Architecture, Automotive, Electronics and Consumer products space by following a set of design standards and guidelines developed by industry experts. The award aims to set the benchmark for innovation in design in the specified industries.

In the Architecture sphere, the design standards adopted for awarding contestants are Facilities, Interior and Exterior Design. Some of the general areas will be size of gated area, consumer product accessibility, Cleanliness levels, Congestion levels and Infrastructure will be the areas focused upon. Under facilities, the key areas that will be focused on are Common Area Levels, Sports Facilities – both outdoor and indoor, Recreational Facilities and Maintenance.

Interior and Exterior design standards under the Architecture Space will focus on Uniqueness in Design, Aesthetic Value, Light Penetration, Support Area Design (etc.)

The Design Standards adopted for evaluating a product in the Automotive Space are Features, Interior design and Exterior design. Feature uniqueness, Feature technology level, connectivity and information levels used and software and safety are some of focus areas under Features.

Similarly, under the exterior and interior design standards, the focus areas will include Design Uniqueness, Color Palette, Technology adoption, Customization and Maintenance Level, Feature Placement and Accessibility and Design Minimalism.

The Design Standards for Electronics under the Distinguished Design Awards include Application and Aesthetics. Under Application, the key aspects which will be focused on will include Ease of Use, Product Portability, Feature Sets and Product Interface Design. Coming to Aesthetics, the evaluation process will focus on Feature Set Uniqueness, Exterior Design Application, Diversity in Feature Sets, Design Application Synergy and Color Palette.