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Media Coverage
The DDA will be covered by the leading media channels across print, television and online space. The participants will get direct coverage and stand to benefit immensely in terms of visibility and credibility. Awardees of the Distinguished Design award have increased opportunities to be featured in leading magazines including the print edition of Distinguished Magazine. Organizations will also have increased chances of being invited to international exhibitions, trade shows and for special displays in retail stores.

Value to Customers & Partners
Award recipients and participants are invited to be a part of the Distinguished Design exhibition that will feature innovations in the design space. The Distinguished Design Awards will be an ideal platform for participants to interact and network with peers, experts, press and students. Partners will benefit by learning about the changing market trends in their respective industries. The list of products ratified by DDA can be featured on their website, creating a quality standard for products featured on e-commerce sites.

Legal Rights of Branding
Winners of the Distinguished Design Awards are given the following as legal certification proof of winning the award.

These are all valid for a year after winning the award.

Legal Digital Copy of the Distinguished New York seal

Legal Physical Copies of the Distinguished New York seal (more will be provided on request)

The Distinguished Design Gold Certificate that is proof of the award

Dedicated Space in our Distinguished Design Award website and Distinguished Magazine.